Common IBC Symptoms:

  • A swollen breast
  • a painful breast
  • incessant itchy breast
  • a rash on one breast
  • a bug bite that won't go away
  • nipple changes
  • a hardened area in the breast similar to a pencil lead, not a lump
These symptoms may appear overnight without warning. If they do not go away with creams, ointments or antibiotics, demand that your doctor rule out IBC.

Things You need to know:
Mammograms usually don't pick up IBC because so often there is no lump.

Why - Reason #1
Doctors misdiagnose Inflammatory Breast Cancer as a breast infection or mastitis.

Why - Reason #2
We need to push this message across the country.

Our group of dedicated advocates are, and a brief message about each one of us.

These are TIPS that doctors and patients have given to people dealing with first symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer, plus TIPS from patients who have gone through chemotherapy.

  • Insist that your physician take your temperature at initial exam. Mastitis is often accompanied by an increase in body temp, while IBC is not.

  • Any sudden changes to your breast (sometimes overnight), swelling, constant itching, pain or discoloration need to be taken seriously. See your Doctor.

  • We are told to look for a lump. Not so normally with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. An overnight swelling of the breast, pain, itching that will not go away with creams or ointments, should be checked by a breast specialist. And please be your own best advocate. It could save your life.

Medical Disclaimer

The information contained on the '' web site is presented for the purpose of educating people on Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Nothing contained on this web site should be construed nor is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider. Should you have any health care related questions, please call or see your physician or other qualified health care provider promptly.

Education is the MOST powerful tool in the fight against misdiagnosis and improper treatment of Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Our Foundation's mission is to educate the public and the medical community when needed, that this form of breast cancer is different and is rarely picked up by mammograms.

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"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass....It's about learning to dance in the rain"
Andy Rooney


Host your own Awareness Event or Fundraiser.

IBC can provide educational and promotional materials for individuals or organizations hosting their own fundraisers in the charge to increase the awareness of this unknown type of breast cancer.

Thank you for your support!

Your efforts are appreciated and critical to helping fund research, education, screening and treatment programs that save lives and help women and men in your community.

How to get started

  1. Send us an email (see below)
  2. Receive IBC brochures and materials
  3. Reach the community!

Please email the following information to First Name, Last Name, Organization Name, Name of Event, Date of Event, Email, Address, Event Honoree's Name

Let us know how we can help

Big Thank You to Susan Larson! Susan set up an information table at The Villages Regional Hospital, The Villages, FL. Susan's niece was diagnosed at the age of 27 and her baby was 5 weeks old. Thank you Susan for your hard work!

Foundation People and Events


August, 2011

Cancer foundation gifted with $2,101

Peggy Stephens receives donation from Great Lakes Tearjerkers
Karl Nordstrom of Highland said he was "shocked and frightened" when he first heard about Inflammatory Breast Cancer, through a member of his social camping club, the Tearjerkers.

After doing a bit of research through the Internet, Nordstrom said he discovered that he was not alone in not knowing much about IBC, a rare and aggressive disease.

February, 2011

Keep the Faith Dive-A-Thon

This fundraiser honored a mother of one of the divers at the Conroe Diving club who lost her fight with IBC. Watch all the way to the end and you will see our President Patti Bradfield, as well as Directors Jenee Bobbora and Jacqueline Miller, who attended the event sharing information about IBC.

November, 2010

Presentation Table
Hunter's Ball in Highland, MI on Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010 was attended by Peggy Stephens. The event raises money for a local hospital for Breast Imaging for those who cannot afford it or have insurance.

October, 2010

Presentation Table Kathryn and Nancy
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation educational materials
Kathryn Gordon 9 year survivor and Nancy Key 12 year survivor, together on a mission!
The University of Washington Tumor Vaccine Group Open House, where we educated several high school and college students as well as adult visitors about ibc and learned that clinical trials are about to begin for ibc vaccines. Great work is being done at this University with some real successes and a definite abundance of novel discoveries.

November 15, 2009

Nancy Key winning the Powerful Patient Award from Andrew Schorr Nancy Key explains Inflammatory Breast Cancer to attendees at Andrew Schorr's Patient Power event.

November 2009

University of Washington Tumor Vaccine Group Open House. The IBCF participated and hopefully educated that evening.

Back row, left to right:
Jennifer Childs, Josh Aaseng, Dr. Lupe Salazar, Emily Jackson, Molly Boettcher; Front row: Ekram Gad, PhD
Left to right:
Heidi Marble, Patti Bradfield, Nancy Key

October 2009 (and other months added)

Our Foundation is very proud of Jacqueline Miller from Houston Texas, who joined our group in 2009. Her accomplishments in education of IBC are vast, and below her picture are but a few.

  • 05/06/20009 AFSCME 1550 Union Meeting - IBC Presentation
  • 09/23/2009 Greater New Testament BC (Women Meeting)
  • 10/05/2009 Harris County Hospital Dist, supplied pamplets for Cancer Clinic
  • 10/04/2009 Agapa Community Church, Pearland TX
  • 10/11/2009 Christ Deliverance Church, Missouri City Texas
  • 10/17/2009 Christ Deliverance Church Health Fair, Missouri City, TX
  • 10/17/2009 True Holiness Penacoastal Church - Women Conference
  • 10/17/2009 9th Annual Ride For a Cure -Trail Ride
  • 10/18/2009 The Hand of God BC, Missouri City TX
  • 10/19/2009 Volunteer for Phone Bank, Channel 2 News ( IBC Awareness)
  • 10/24/2009 Pamela Thompson Breast Cancer Walk, supplied pamphlets and bookmakers
  • 10/23/2009 Memorial Hermann Breast Clinic (Spoke to Head Nurse re: bringing IBC brouchers)
  • 10/25/2009 The Hand of God BC, Missouri City TX

Jacqueline at one of her many advocacy meetings, explaining Inflammatory Breast Cancer to a group she was asked to speak.

You GO GIRL, Very proud of you.

October 9, 2009
Washington D.C. Pink Virus Summit

Click picture for slideshow of event.

April 2009

VP Mare Kirschenbaum was invited to present for our foundation at American Society of Breast Disease Conference April 2-4 2009

Mare with Brooke Breslow, Executive Director of the ASBD
Karen Kirschenbaum 10 year IBC survivor, and daughter of our VP, with Brooke Breslow, Executive Director of the ASBD

December, 2008 Houston Texas

First International Conference and CME on Inflammatory Breast Cancer Patient's and patient advocates met with doctors from around the globe. Pictured from Left to right:

    Dorothy Slator Paterson, Houston, Texas
    Heather Patrick, Houston, Texas
    Jacqueline Miller, Houston, Texas
    Jenee Bobbora, Houston, Texas
    Aimee Shaw, Bakerfield, CA
    Alan Shaw, Bakersfield, CA
    Mary Jennings-Smith, San Marcos, CA
    Mare Kirschenbaum, Des Plaines, Ill
    Maggie Kirk, The Woodlands, TX?
    David Baker, Houston, Texas
    Patti Bradfield, Redmond, Washington
    *Laney Cummings, Durham, United Kingdom
    Ileene Robinson, Houston, Texas
    Sunnie Jacobs, Boca Raton, FL
    Charles Manning, Russellville, AR
    Kathleen Livingston, Waterford, MI
    Peggy Stephens, Michigan
    Alan Stephens, Michigan
    Tina Qualls, Austin, Texas
    Rose Batson, Austin, TX
    Phil Willingham, Woodinville, WA

photo by Ken Levy, Brooklyn, NY, also an advocate.

*Laney passed away unexpectedly December 23, 2008 at her home in Durham England. We are all deeply saddened by the loss of this amazing woman, and friend to all of us.


New York October 2008. Branton Woods Golf Club hosted this years IBCF Fundraiser The IBCF board members present for Doug Jenks Memorial Golf tournament, in honor and memory of his late wife Patti, was a tribute to the many friends who support Doug, his family and the foundations efforts. Pictured from left to right at Bratton Woods are: Doug Jenks, Sunnie Jacobs, Jenee Bobbora, Patti Bradfield.

Chicago October 2008 Our VP Mare Kirschenbaum at Wheeling IL, Health Fair, spreading the word.

Seattle October 2008 Kathryn Gordon, our special IBCF supporter and 8 year IBC survivor, helps with the information table at the University of Washington Open House for the Tumor Vaccine Group.

Please visit the Tumor Vacine Groups website to learn more about what they are accomplishing. Click here to see this amazing group of dedicated professionals.

Seattle October 2008

The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the National Lupus Foundation invited the IBCF to host a table at their yearly rally.

Patti Bradfield held down the 'fort' at the old Sandpoint Naval Air Station, hanger # 1.

August 11, 2008

The largest peer reviewed funding ever awarded for IBC research, was announced as American Airlines unveiled two planes in Dallas, TX, featuring a pink ribbon running the length of the fuselage in honor of its partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, which includes a $7.5 million pledge from the airline to research Inflammatory Breast Cancer at the IBC Clinic at M.D. Anderson.

The Komen Promise Grant was awarded to Dr. Fredika M. Robertson, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Experimental Therapeutics and Massimo Cristofanilli, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Breast Medical Oncology at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Cristofanilli is the Co-Director of the Morgan Welch Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Program and Clinic. Dr. Robertson is the Director of Translational Research for the Morgan Welch Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Program and Clinic.

February 14, 2008

A loss and a gain is bittersweet news: Jenee Bobbora our Secretary was interviewed on Channel 2 News in Houston. Congratulations Jenee on passing the 5 year mark with a great interview.Click picture for news.

2008 Awareness Actions

Barbara Hartraft, New Jersey, won a 2008 Yoplait Champion award for all her hard work through advocacy and education of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Fighting her own battle with IBC, Barb continued on and made major inroads with both the public and the politicians on the East Coast. We will all be forever grateful for all Barbara did to bring education and awareness to Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Barb worked tirelessly with the State of New Jersey to advocate for better awareness in the medical community. Because of her efforts, THE NEW JERSEY COMMISSION ON CANCER RESEARCH issued the below: (click below to see a PDF copy of the report.


Sadly Barbara lost her 7 year battle with IBC on October 30, 2008. She was the ultimate fighter and strongest proponent for better education of IBC. She will be truly missed. It is women like Barbara who go that extra mile, and even though they fight through treatment continue to reach as many as possible. She was and is a true testament to the battle we all try to accomplish, and will continue as long as we are able.

December 3, 2007
New Mexico State Capitol, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The University of New Mexico Cancer Center and the University of Texas - M.D. Anderson Cancer Center came together in a joint working relationship to research Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Sen. Tim Jennings and Patty Jennings, spearheaded the effort which culminated in $3.2 million for IBC research, with New Mexico being the first state in the Union to fund this aggressive breast cancer.

Left to right: UNM President Dr. David Schmidly; Patty Jennings; M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Research Program Director Dr. Massimo Cristofanalli; UNM Cancer Center Director Dr. Cheryl Willman; UNM Executive Vice President for Health Sciences Dr. Paul Roth.

October 25,2007

The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center announced it had received a $4 million appropriation from the Texas Legislature for research into IBC.