Common IBC Symptoms:

  • A swollen breast
  • a painful breast
  • incessant itchy breast
  • a rash on one breast
  • a bug bite that won't go away
  • nipple changes
  • a hardened area in the breast similar to a pencil lead, not a lump
These symptoms may appear overnight without warning. If they do not go away with creams, ointments or antibiotics, demand that your doctor rule out IBC.

Things You need to know:
Mammograms usually don't pick up IBC because so often there is no lump.

Why - Reason #1
Doctors misdiagnose Inflammatory Breast Cancer as a breast infection or mastitis.

Why - Reason #2
We need to push this message across the country.

Our group of dedicated advocates are, and a brief message about each one of us.

These are TIPS that doctors and patients have given to people dealing with first symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer, plus TIPS from patients who have gone through chemotherapy.

  • Insist that your physician take your temperature at initial exam. Mastitis is often accompanied by an increase in body temp, while IBC is not.

  • Any sudden changes to your breast (sometimes overnight), swelling, constant itching, pain or discoloration need to be taken seriously. See your Doctor.

  • We are told to look for a lump. Not so normally with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. An overnight swelling of the breast, pain, itching that will not go away with creams or ointments, should be checked by a breast specialist. And please be your own best advocate. It could save your life.

Medical Disclaimer

The information contained on the '' web site is presented for the purpose of educating people on Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Nothing contained on this web site should be construed nor is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider. Should you have any health care related questions, please call or see your physician or other qualified health care provider promptly.

Education is the MOST powerful tool in the fight against misdiagnosis and improper treatment of Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Our Foundation's mission is to educate the public and the medical community when needed, that this form of breast cancer is different and is rarely picked up by mammograms.

Towards this mission, the third
Wednesday of the month our
radio show, called
will dispel the myths and help educate our listeners.

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"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass....It's about learning to dance in the rain"
Andy Rooney

Videos To Educate Plus Personal Stories

Advocacy In Action

KOMO TV Here is the latest information from KOMO TV in Seattle. The website has text and a video, to see the video, just click on the video tab at the top of the page. This station continues their good work to inform and educate doctors and women and save lives. Our president Patti Bradfield continues to play a big role in this quest.
Beth Overmoyer MD, FACP, Breast Oncology, Dana Farber Cancer Institute explains Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Symptoms, a personal story. - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
IBC Project Video The IBC Project Video - This video discusses the struggles of one woman's fight with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, and the general lack of knowledge about this disease.

Feedback or thoughts on the video? Visit our blog...
Board Director, Sunnie Jacobs
Click picture, to Watch TV interview

In December of 2009, Kelly Kruger sent a message through IBC Support: "I would like to provide Dr. Cristofanilli with a special gift that he will be able to hang on his office wall or set on his desk when he begins his new position with Fox Chase. The personal messages on the digital picture frame will provide him with an everlasting reminder of the many lives that he has impacted from around the world, an extension of the picture that he carries in his pocket of the young woman that the IBC clinic at MD Anderson is named after" (Morgan Welch forever remembered) Please click on the picture to view.

The Original Inflammatory Breast Cancer Video that is still circulating the Internet KOMO News Special Report, by Michelle Esteban
Treating IBC Video from M.D. Anderson IBC Clinic in Houston, Texas (click globe) to play.
Progress made in IBC awareness
*Click picture for video
KOMEN and American Airlines IBC Promise Grant to the MORGAN WELCH INFLAMMATORY BREAST CANCER CLINIC in Houston Texas. JENEE BOBBORA SPEECH during the ceremony.
Heidi Marble has been an outstanding advocate for education of IBC. Through her public speaking and her book, Waiting For Wings, she has told her personal journey through IBC.

Here is a link to one of her television interviews.

Sunnie Jacobs and Claudia Fauver were interviewed on 'Watercooler Diaries'. Wonderful informative view from both women who have fought and won the IBC battle.